broken walls

Almost every self-confessed church techie that I meet seems to be an Apple fanboy. As a self-confessed church techie myself, I find it really difficult to find other people in the church who are also interested in Open Source Software. Frustratingly, pretty much every single blog I come across seems to fit the same profile:

  • In a large church with lots of money
  • iPhone
  • Mac of some sort
  • Talks about how to use various commercial tools
  • Talks about how to get the church to pay for said tools
  • Into Social Marketing
  • Acknowledges Windows, but doesn't cater to it
  • What's Linux?

Seriously. Name me any two prominent church techies who DON'T fit that profile.

Maybe I need to stop calling myself a church techie, since I clearly do not fit the profile.

  • My church meets in the autidorium of a local college (for free), we use a donated laptop and the college's sound system
  • I don't use Apple products as I disagree with Apple even more than I disagree with Microsoft
  • I am a BIG open source software enthusiast
  • I have a Debian Linux desktop computer at home, no laptops
  • I have the CyanogenMod Android custom ROM running on my rooted Samsung Galaxy S3
  • My church (obviously) uses OpenLP, and open source lyrics projection app
  • I use open source tools for almost everything
  • I use social media, I can do social marketing, but I'm not really interested in it

Can the real Christians in OSS please stand up?


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