Note: I know this is not directly related to OSS, but it is related to the Internet, and us as Christians, and I feel it is something to think about.

The #NEKNomination craze is thought to have started in Australia, though it has been confirmed that it originated in a video posted to Facebook by Ross Samson, a London Irish rugby star. It is a drinking game, whereby the nominated person must down an alcoholic beverage while performing a stunt. Unfortunately these stunts have become more and more outrageous as people try to one-up each other, with the result that some recent deaths are suspected to have been due to NEKNominations.

Meanwhile in South Africa, a chap by the name of Brent Lindequeue who was NEKNominated decided to turn this on its head. Instead of guzzling beer and doing something crazy, he decided to do random act of kindness. Then, as per usual, he nomnated another two people to do the same.

As more and more people picked up Brent's NEKNomination, they started doing the same thing, taking a NEKNomination and turning it into an act of kindness. Some people did something small, like Brent, by giving a homeless person a meal (usually fast food) or paying for a random person's groceries.

Other folks preferred to do things that were a little bigger, like visit a childrens centre or an animal shelter.

One guy donated his bicycle to an organisation in the townships which helps kids get off the streets. One of the student residences of the University of Stellenbosch raised R10,000 (over $900) and bought shoes for a whole lot of school kids.

And then some folks started involving their companies, and nominating other companies.

Eventually, (and we all knew this was coming), Nando's, amongst other big name companies, was nominated.

And so companies like Nando's and FNB responded in kind.

What a great example of taking a negative craze, and turning it into something positive. But, while this is great, as Brett Anderson said on his blog (go read it, it's more than just an observation; it's OK, I'll wait for you), a random act of kindness is just a once-off thing, and doesn't actually make a difference in people's lives.

As Christians, we should really be all about making a difference, both physically and spiritually. I was particularly inspired by Nando's and FNB who did something that will last a long time, and make a very real difference in people's lives. Let's go out there and make a difference, not just on one small occasion, but every day.


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