Digital Missionary

After my previous post on how to raise support, Gerv told me I hadn't been clear enough on exactly what I want to do and that it might help if I were to more specific about what I see myself doing. With this in mind, I decided to blog more about what I'm thinking of doing and how it can be construed as being missions work.

OpenLP as a Ministry

As the project leader of OpenLP, it is understandably important to me. I'd love to be able to work full-time on it, but I know that I'd need some way of earning money, which means I'd need to be employed somehow by some benefactor. Sadly, this is an unlikely scenario.

Open Source as a Ministry

I'm also passionate about open source software, and I'd love to be able to help churches (especially those who cannot afford it) to set up computer infrastructure to aid them in their minorities using open source software. This is a more likely sort of scenario.

I can think of three possible ways of doing this, neither of them necessarily exclusive of the other. Firstly, I could actually go to churches and work with them on a project to build servers and desktops that leverage this open source software, culminating in training.

Secondly, I could host seminars on how to leverage your IT infrastructure to better help your various church ministries.

Lastly, I could give training workshops on how to use open source software in a church context.

Combining Ministries

What would be really grand would be a way for me to combine the two, and not only help churches set up their IT properly, but also work on OpenLP so that I can benefit churches the world over through top quality open source software.

I think a lot of this would be useful to churches in the developing world. I know a number of churches in Africa and Asia have benefitted from OpenLP specifically, and from other open source software. Technology is not foreign to a lot of these countries, but often software costs are prohibitive.

Will It Blend?

These are my ideas, they are a work in progress, they could do with refinement and criticism. Do you think I could translate this into missionary work? Do you think my ideas suck? Can you think of anything better?


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