For many years, the Geeks and God podcast was a great place to learn more about using Drupal in the church or in Christian ministries. After a hiatus of a couple of months, some of the most active members of the community took over and brought us more tips and tricks. This time they decided to branch out and talk about more than just Drupal and web hosting. They even interviewed me about OpenLP once!

Sadly, this was not to last, as Real Life caught up with them, and they were unable to continue recording podcasts. But that is not the end of the story...

At Drupalcon Denver, most of the Geeks and God crew met up, and they were able to record some of the conversations they had and package it into a special edition of the podcast.

In this episode they talked about the pro's and cons of the conference, integrating Facebook with your site, responsive web design, and much more.

Catch this special edition on their website:


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