Spark Tablet

There has been quite a buzz in the open source community of late, thanks to the announcement of a pure Linux stack tablet by Aaron Seigo, one of the lead developers of KDE. This new tablet is called the Spark, and aims to be completely open source from the hardware up.

As you can imagine, people have been excited by the news, and many are asking when the tablet will be available. While the Spark has not yet gone into production, the good news is that it is now available for pre-order!

At this stage it is not known which countries the Spark will be available in, but from previous blog posts by Seigo indicate that it will likely initially launch in Europe, but then become available in other countries in due course.

The Spark can be pre-ordered from MakePlayLive for a target retail price of €200 (final price will be determined by the region you reside in).


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