After an unplanned and lengthy hiatus, I am back with a plan to revive Christians in OSS!

Daily Newspaper

I have created a special daily "newspaper" of Christian and open source articles, called "Christians in OSS Daily" (gosh, how original!), thanks to the service at These daily editions are pulled automatically from my Twitter feed every day, and are usually not edited, unless I feel that some of the stories do not belong there.

Once a week, the top or main story from each edition of the previous week is collated into a summary, and automatically posted to the blog.

This way I hope to be able to bring in more stories and links than I'd be able to do alone, and thereby add a bit more value to the blog.

Project Spotlight

One of the features from the old blog, which I would like to revive is the Project Spotlight, where I find out a bit about various open source projects and interview the project leader. I'm hoping to be able to show a number of programs which churches and/or Christians might find useful.

How To's, Tips and Tricks

In addition to the above items, I want to provide some tutorials and How To's for commonly used operations in commonly used pieces of software.

So, as you can see I have a plan going forward, one that I'm hoping will keep this blog alive, and provide my readers with stuff to think about.

$ sudo reboot


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